The Huangjiu Yeast Genome Database (HYGD) is a manually curated database of genes and metabolites found in or produced by Saccharomyces cerevisiae (also known as Baker’s yeast and Brewer’s yeast) strains used in Chinese rice wine (Huangjiu) fermentation. This database covers genes and metabolites described in textbooks, scientific journals and other electronic databases. The HYGD also contains sequence information of S. cerevisiae sake strains, as well as the industrial strains used in baking and in the production of wines, beers and spirits.

To visualize gene sequences, annotated genes, and genetic variants in the genome of S. cerevisiae strain N85, a JBrowse-based genome browser was developed and deposited on the database. The basic genome browser functionality can provide genome annotation views via an overhead bar that offers a visual indication of the chromosome position. Although only gene annotation and mutation information is currently available, further large-scale datasets will be integrated in the future. We also aim to implement additional analysis tools for BLAST searching, primer design, and sequence alignment, to help the scientific community to use the developed genome resources.

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